Join us on an eerie walk down Morristown Tennessee's World famous Skywalks as we explore the unusual and supernatural history of downtown. On the Tennessee Ghost Walk Tour we will uncover stories with factual basis that you can verify and share the legends and lore of yesteryear as well as recent happenings. Our goal is to share the not so well known fascinating history of Morristown in a manner in which you will be educated as well as highly entertained.
Tennessee Ghost Walk stories are uniquely researched and are exclusive to our company here in
Morristown Tennessee. You will not hear these ghost stories anywhere else in the country.

Some questions we may consider on the Tennessee Ghost Walk Tour

1.   What was Morristown like prior to its official founding in 1885?
2.   There was a man buried on Main Street during the Civil War. Who was he and why?
3.   Who was the only person hanged in Morristown for a crime, when and where?
4.   What epidemic hit Morristown very bad in the late 1800's
5.   What tragic event happened on September 24, 1904 that brought many bodies to Morristown for undertaking services and burial?
6.   What do we know of the downtown night watchman of the 1920's?
7.   There was a hospital located downtown, why and where?
8.   Murder on Main Street in the 1960's?
9.   Why do old fiddle players put a rattlesnake rattle inside their fiddles?
10. Who was buried under S. Cumberland Street upside down and why?
11. What was found in the old Daily Gazzette Mail building days before it was torn down?

The little girl in the picture many believe is Lydia who died in the tragic New Market, TN Train Wreck of 1904 She is often seen looking for her mother and nurse at RR Crossings and has been seen as far away as San Antonio, TX. but calls Morristown home.

Her mother, nurse and her were on their way back home from the Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904 St Louis World’s Fair) where the waffle style ice cream cone and Dr. Pepper was first introduced. People who work at HealthStar that cross the tracks and park downtown tell of smelling vanilla when they cross the tracks. No worry, that is just Lydia. To hear "the rest of the story" you gotta make reservations for the Ghost Walk Tour at