o    We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
o    If you are intoxicated, stay home or we will have police escort you somewhere you may not want to go.
o    Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
o    Parents, if your child becomes interrupting to others we will ask that you take your child from the tour without refund.
o    We are NOT responsible for any injury, mishap, or haunting.
o    You attend our tour at your own risk and peril.


Full refunds will be granted at the digression of Tennessee Ghost Walk providing that a notice of FOUR FULL HOURS is given before the scheduled tour, otherwise, you will be charged. We must pay our staff and guides, and we schedule tours based on reservations taken.


Reservations are required and are made on a first come, first served basis. Some of the tours may sell out so it is recommended that reservations be made early. While we may at our discretion accept walk-ons if we need to fill an existing tour, reservations are required to be made within four hours of the start of the tour. We have to know how many people are coming each evening in order to have plenty of staff and guides.

Group tours are sold separately, and by reservation only. Contact us about group tour packages and discounts. Groups are considered as 10 or more adults. Call 423-438-1023

Bad Weather:

We go on the Ghost Walk Tours rain or moon shine. (that is light from the moon, not the drink). Should it be too rough of weather we may cancel, delay, provide a refund or reschedule the ghost walk tour.
Please wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for the weather. We will not stop a tour for you to return to your car to collect your coat.


Cancellations accepted up to four hours before tour begins. Cancellations after the four hour limit or no shows are a full charge to the card. No refunds given once tour begins or after the cancellation period.
We will cancel tours with less than four paying reservations, and customers will be notified by the contact number they give us.

Credit Card Statements:

Please remember that the charge on your credit-card statement will be listed as "FRET STORE" NOT Tennessee Ghost Walk

Small Children and Infants:

We love small children and infants. Please be aware however that they often do not have the attention span of an adult, and can become unhappy or tired on walking tours such as this. We do not give refunds because of cranky children. Parents, if your child becomes interrupting to others we will ask that you take your child from the tour without refund.

Late Arrivals:

We make every effort to wait for those who have made reservations. If you are running late due to traffic or some other reason, please call us. However at some point, we have to go on with the show and will have to start without you. If we can fit you into a later tour which is already scheduled, we will. However, without a minimum of four full hours notice, you will be billed whether you make it on time, or not.


Our Tennessee Ghost Walk Tour is set in an urban downtown setting and we do not have appropriate walking spaces for pets. We do like the furry creatures but not on our tours so please leave them at home or with a sitter.

For Entertainment Only:

All of our Tennessee Ghost Walk Tour stories have been researched. Most of the stories come from local history, folklore or legend. Our guides are storytellers and as such may embellish the stories for entertainment purposes. We may change the names of some of the characters in our stories to protect the identity of our ghost and their family's privacy.